Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Building Care

Greenspeed B.V.

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The Building Care product group consists of 3 highly concentrated products in the certified building care range for professional use. Multi Daily is an interior and floor cleaner for daily use, Multi Forte is a floor and interior cleaner for periodic use and San Daily is a professional sanitary cleaner all for professional use. In addition, there is a certified toilet cleaner for professional use, Swan WC Daily and a window cleaner for professional use, Multi Spray which contains surfactants developed by Ecover.

Multi Daily - highly concentrated interior and floor cleaner for daily use
Multi Forte - highly concentrated floor and interior cleaner for heavy duty tasks
Multi Spray - glass cleaner spray
San Daily - highly concentrated bathroom cleaner for daily use
Swan WC Daily - toilet cleaner for daily use

This certificate covers the following products:

Multi Daily , Multi Forte, Multi Spray, San Daily , Swan WC Daily

This Product group was exclusively assessed for use by professionally trained workers in the proper handling and use of protective equipment for substances with skin and eye irritant potential.