Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Brabantia Ironing Boards

Brabantia Nederland B.V

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The product group Ironing Boards include an extensive assortment of Ironing Boards produced at Brabantia factories in Latvia and China.

This certificate covers the following products:

Available in different sizes and models: 95x30 cm, 110x30 cm, 124x38 cm, 124x45 cm, 135x45 cm blade, 60x10 cm Sleeve Board, Steam Control Ironing Board, Table Top Ironing Board in combination with different powder coated leg sizes, (steam) Iron rests, (steam unit) holders and linen Racks. Sold with a large variety of Cotton Covers with printed designs ,including Perfect Flow Cover, Cover with Heat Resistant Parking Zone and Metalized cover, all mounted with Foam and Viscose underlayers. In the colours: White, Fresh White, Metallic Grey, Pastel Mint, Mineral Mint, Black, Brilliant Silver, Mineral Pink, Mineral Blue, Raspberry Red, Warm Red, Red, Ivory, Grey, Concrete Grey, Infinity Grey, Golden Beach, Platinum and Transparent.