BlackSatino Original

WEPA Professional GmbH

BlackSatino Original by WEPA Professional GmbH


This toilet paper and hand towel paper is produced out of used (confidential) office paper, or archive paper. The input and hence the output has a high white quality

This certificate covers the following products:

Toilet paper and hand towels, available in varying thickness

BlackSatino Original Toilet Paper 2-ply 15,7 g/m2 (incl. article numbers 062701, 313831, 313839, 313841)
BlackSatino Original Wiping Rolls 2-ply 15,7 g/m2 (incl. article numbers 306531, 306541)
BlackSatino Original Hand Towels 2-ply 21,8 g/m2 (incl. article numbers 274561, 274571, 274579)
BlackSatino Original Wiping Rolls 2-ply 21,8 g/m2 (incl. article number 306361)
BlackSatino Original Hand Towel Rolls 2-ply 25,7 g/m2 (incl. article number 306561)
BlackSatino Original Folded Toilet Paper 2-ply, 15,5 g/m2 (incl. article number 062751)
BlackSatino Original Hand Towels Z-fold 2-ply, 21,9 g/m2 (incl. article number 275351)

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