Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Washroom Dispensers


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This line of dispensers consists of a number of products available in various variations and 12 colors.
These products also include the LightGuide system: a combination of sensor and light techniques that is designed to motivate washroom visitors to wash their hands in the right way.

This certificate covers the following products:

Consisting of: Clean seat dispenser, Hand sanitizer, Maxi jumbo, Toilet paper dispenser, Toilet paper dispenser with roll support, Paper dispenser, Paper roll dispenser Non Touch, Sanitizer dispenser, Soap dispenser, Soap dispenser light guide, Soap dispenser non touch

All supplied in the following colors: [Basic] White, [Alt] Carcoal Grey, [Alt] Stone Grey, [Alt] Raven Black, [Alt] Indigo Blue, [Alt] Deep Red, [Alt] Olive Green, [Alt Chestnut Brown, [Alt] Lime Green, [Alt] Tangerine Orange, [Alt] Ultra Marine Blue, [Alt] Flamingo Pink, [Alt] Dark Lilac

Batteries not included in Certification