Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Aluminium Lighting Columns, with thermoplast and HDPE root protection

Nedal Aluminium B.V.

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These aluminium lighting columns can be used for lighting for neighborhoods, motorways, roads, and car parks.

Lighting columns can be provided with HDPE mowing protection outside the standard thermoplastic ground level protection piece. The low-profile mowing protection is made out of one piece and has a chamfered top designed to discharge moisture.

The lighting columns feature an expanded reinforcement inner tube designed to strengthen the area around the surface door. This inner tube has an integrated mounting rail (proprietary), 2 sliding nuts and an earthed bolt, so that electrical components can be accommodated. The service door is fitted with hinges and locks with two triangular stainless steel securing bolts.

This certificate covers the following products:

Aluminium Lighting Columns with thermoplast and HDPE root protection. The length varies between 3 and 18 meters (mounting height) and the weight between the 20 and 200 kg (including the fixture arms). The fixture arm(s) varies between 2.5 kg and 35 kg in weight and varies in shape.