Acosorb Acospray and Acoplaster

Acosorb International BV

Acosorb Acospray and Acoplaster by Acosorb International BV


Acospray and Acoplaster are acoustic products intended for application to the ceiling or walls. They are designed to provide sound insulation and desirable acoustics to spaces. The acoustic products of Acosorb are available in a rich selection of colours, ranging from smooth to rough grained.

There are two main product lines: Green Line and Standard Line. The products differ in the amount of post-consumer recycled content they contain.

Green Line Acospray is mainly based on consumer recycled content. By a very delicate selection, the collected waste material is separated by color and quality. Afterwards it is directly processed to make the right size and colors.

Standard Line Acospray raw material that cannot be used for the Green Line are used as a source for production of new raw materials. From these raw materials different colors and sizes are manufactured to fulfill the wishes of the clients.

This certificate covers the following products:

Acospray and Acoplaster:
Acospray DC3 (rough texture), Acospray DC2 (fine spray texture), Acospray DC2 2.0 (tamped flattened texture), Acospray DC1 (very fine smooth texture), Acoplaster F (smooth finish)
Standard line available in the colors: Black, Oman Grey, Concrete Grey (ILA), Cool Grey, Red, Denim Blue, Terracotta and Green
Greenline available in the colors: Hong Kong Grey, Apple Grey, India Yellow and Billboard Grey

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