Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Accessory Products made from infinito® yarns and reworx® textiles

Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG

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Accessory Products consisting from infinito® yarns and reworx® textiles by Lauffenmühle, a blend of cellulosic fibers made from wood, and fibers made of synthetic polymers that are designed to biodegrade. These materials are intended as an alternative to cotton/polyester blends often used in the industry.

Applications for the fabric include fashion accessory products, customizable by the client.

This certificate covers the following products:

Accessory Products made from Infinito yarns and Reworx textiles

Licensees of Accessory Products made from infinito yarns and reworx textiles:

- Bierbaum-Proenen GmbH & Co KG (BP) Germany;
- Karl Dieckhoff GmbH & Co KG (Dieckhoff) Germany;
- Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. (Grassi) Italy;
- Koninklijke Van Puijenbroek Textiel (VPTEX) Netherland;
- SARCO N.V./S.A. Belgium;
-Manufactum Germany;