ABN Pipe Systems S.L.U.

ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD and ABN//EVAC ENERGY Plus families by ABN Pipe Systems S.L.U.


Certified piping systems are grouped into two main families:
- ABN//EVAC ENERGY: Soundproof drainage system with 3 polypropylene compound layers, with mineral reinforcement and fireproof additive, including pipe and fittings

-ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD: Piping system for hydraulic lines at pressure and temperature. Manufactured in 3 polypropylene PPR CT RP layers, with anti-expansion micro-fibres, antimicrobial protection, resistant to disinfection processes, anti-incrustation protection, ultraviolet UV protection, with reaction to fire classification B-s1, d0, halogen free and 100% recyclable. Within this family, which includes pipes and fittings, there are ranges for use in hot water, use in fire networks, use in recycled water networks, flexible applications, etc., generating the derived families: FLEX, FIRE, RECYCLING, WELDING ELECPIPE etc.

This certificate covers the following products:

ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD range 20 - 500 mm, ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD (green color) range 20 - 500 mm, ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD FIRE range 20 - 160 mm, ABN//INSTAL CT FASER RD RECYCLING range 20 - 500 mm, ABN/INSTAL CT FLEX RD range 16 - 63 mm, ABN//INSTAL CT FLEX RD FIRE range 16 - 63 mm, ABN//INSTAL FITTINGS RD (grey color), ABN//WELDING ELECPIPE. Pipe with elecpipe, including reel and other female fittings, ABN//EVAC ENERGY PLUS range 40 - 315 mm

Excluded from scope: ABN//INSTAL FITTINGS RD: metal transition fitting & green fittings, ABN//WELDING ELECPIPE: metal transition fitting not included

PLEASE NOTE: The description of the product is provided solely by the product’s manufacturer. C2CPII cannot and does not independently verify the accuracy of the product description in this registry, and only attests to the validity and level of certification awarded to each product under the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. Please contact the product’s manufacturer with any questions about the product’s description or purchasing details.