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Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

Products Produced at Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB

Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB
Arctic: The Arctic range contains fully coated fine paper qualities designed for good printing properties and…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

PurePrint by KLS

KLS PurePrint A/S
Pureprint by KLS is an offset printed products group, designed to be recyclable and compostable. On the basis…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

Pureprint by Vögeli

Vögeli AG
Pureprint by Vögeli are offset printed products, designed to be recyclable and compostable. On the basis of…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

Pureprint Silver by Gugler GmbH

Gugler GmbH
Pureprint by gugler* are offset printed products, designed for the biological cycle and 100% recyclable. On…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

rose plastic - protective containers for transport,…

rose plastic AG
Blow molded and injection molded plastic packaging made out of recyclable raw materials.
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

Stone Paper

Taiwan Lung Meng Technology
Stone Paper is a paper-like plastic product that is designed to be waterproof, durable, foldable, able to be…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

StretchFLEX® and SuperFLEX® Stretch Film

Intertape Polymer Group
Stretch Film is primarily used to secure pallet loads of products prior to shipment or warehouse relocation.…
Packaging & Paper Silver V3.1

Woodfree uncoated papers produced in Austria

SALZER Papier GmbH
Book paper: Salzer Papier specializes in wood-free bulky book papers with decades of experience. Design paper:…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Aqua Planet

Flint CPS Inks Germany GmbH
Aqua PLANET are water-based coatings for sheet-fed printed products
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1


Synbra Technology B.V.
BioFoam is a foam material for a variety of applications. Applications have included ice box insulation,…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Buchproduktion GGP Media

GGP Media GmbH
Book/Publication Printing Group, different book sizes and shapes are possible with this material portfolio;…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

CleanPrint by Strandbygaard

Strandbygaard A/S
CleanPrint by Strandbygaard are offset printed products designed for the biological cycle and 100% recyclable.…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Corrugated Packaging

Smurfit Kappa van Dam Golfkarton B.V.
Specific range of corrugated packaging produced by Smurfit Kappa Van Dam Golfkarton. The certified product…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Corrugated Packaging

VPK Packaging B.V.
The VPK Packaging Corrugated Board Packaging products consist of printed and unprinted corrugated packaging…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Engineered Molded Wood™ Products

Litco International, Inc.
Litco's Engineered Molded Wood™ Products are made primarily from recycled wood fiber, including damaged…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Evolution Blue

Druckerei Lokay e.K.
The product group consists of materials which are used to produce wire-stitched and glue binded brochures as…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Gecko Green Line Premium

hubergroup Italia S.p.A.
Gecko Green Line Premium is a solvent-based product family of printing inks designed to satisfy the technical…
Packaging & Paper Bronze V3.1

Glass Food & Beverage Containers For Beer, Food,…

O-I Glass
Glass Food & Beverage Containers For Beer, Food, NAB, Spirit, and Wine
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