Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Fabrics Platinum V3.1


Rajby Textiles PVT Ltd

Beluga is a range of Rajby Textile’s denim fabrics manufactured using a process and components,...

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Structural Building Materials Gold V3.1

Accoya® Wood

Accsys Technologies

Accoya® wood is a high performance wood designed for outdoor use and challenging...

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Thread, Trims + Notions Gold V3.1


Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co KG

AMANN sewing and embroidery threads are designed for durability and quality.

Wall Coverings Gold V3.1

Carnegie Xorel®

Carnegie Fabrics, Inc.

Xorel Fabrics are designed for use as wallcovering, upholstery, and panel fabric for interior...

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Fabrics Gold V3.1


Artistic Milliners Pvt Ltd.

Product is a denim fabric designed to be used to produce denim jeans. Product is produced from...

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Insulation Gold V3.1

Eelgrass Thermal Insulation

Søuld ApS

Seaweed insulation. An organic insulation solution.
Designed to replace standard non-organic...

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Foams Gold V3.1

Natural Vita Talalay®

Radium Foam BV

Radium foam offers components for luxury bedding products. The Natural Vita Talalay® can be...

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Printing Materials Gold V3.1

Offset solutions

Green4Print bv

Emerald Offset Inks are inks that consist primarily of bio-solvents and vegetable oils.

Fabrics Gold V3.1

Pure D

Soorty Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

Denim fabric designed and made using techniques such as zero water waste indigo rope...

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Thread, Trims + Notions Gold V3.1

Sewing Yarn Natura CELL and Sewing Yarn Natura infinito

Johann Mueller AG

Sewing Yarn NATURA CELL and NATURA infinito is especially suited for sewing textiles and...

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Thread, Trims + Notions Gold V3.1

Toolbox trimmings vinatur® for workwear, apparel

Inogema GmbH

The product is an integrated toolkit of accessories to be used in the Work Wear and Apparel...

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Fabrics Gold V3.1

vinatur® outdoor fabrics

Inogema GmbH

vinatur outdoor fabrics are designed and qualified to be used for work wear as well as for other...

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Fabrics Gold V3.1

vinatur® yarns and workwear, apparel fabrics

Inogema GmbH

The vinatur® yarns and workwear, apparel fabrics consist of a blend of cellulosic fibers made...

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Dyes + Finishes Gold V3.1

wet-green® OBE

wet-green GmbH

The wet-green® OBE tanning agent is a plant-based concentrate produced from an aqueous olive...

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Apparel Gold V3.1

Work Wear, Apparel made from reworx® Textiles

Alfredo Grassi S.p.A.

Lauffenmuehle offers a yarn and textile concept together with a system-integrated toolkit of...

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Specialties and Miscellaneous Applications Silver V3.1

Aluminium Door Furniture


Aluminium Door Furniture is available in multiple dimensions and in the colours natural...

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Interior Design & Upholstery Textiles Silver V3.1

Campfire Privacy Screen, Matrex Collage, Quantrol,

The Quantum Group

Campfire Privacy Screen, Matrex Collage, Quantrol, Dynaflex, and Dymetrol are woven suspension...

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Concrete, Cement, and Masonry Silver V3.1


Wienerberger nv/sa

The ClickBrick® is a dry laid brick using no mortar and therefore is entirely recyclable, with...

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