Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Building Supply & Materials Gold V3.1

Grohe Faucets

Grohe AG
A series of faucets: BauEdge, Eurosmart, and Eurosmart Kitchen
Building Supply & Materials Gold V3.1

Grohe shower and shower sets

Grohe AG
Shower Head: GROHE Tempesta 100 shower rail set, Art. No. 26803000
Building Supply & Materials Gold V3.1

Polypipe MecFlow and Terrain product families

Polypipe Ltd
Terrain Q: Polypropylene noise reducing drainage system, with multi-layer technology. Using mineral…
Building Supply & Materials Gold V3.1

Sewer Pipe System AWADUKT PP SN10/ HPP SN16

The AWADUKT PP SN10 / HPP SN16 is a system of sewer pipes made of the basic material Polypropylene. The…
Building Supply & Materials Silver V3.1

Flexalen®600 + Flexalen®Protectube + Flexalen®PB

Thermaflex International Holding B.V
The product group exist of the Flexalen PB service pipe made of polybutene, a thermal insulation layer made of…
Building Supply & Materials Bronze V3.1

Vitrified Clay Pipes for drains and sewers

Steinzeug-Keramo GmbH
A range of pipes and fittings in diameters DN 100 mm up to DN 1400 mm. Along with the traditional pipes and…