Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Basic Materials Gold V3.1

BURNBLOCK® Fire Retardant Powder

BURNBLOCK® Fire Retardant Powder is designed for easy to handling and flexible use in a wide variety of…
Basic Materials Gold V3.1

Lime pellets

AquaMinerals BV
Lime pellets are a by-product of softening drinking water. The pellets consist primarily of calcium carbonate.…
Basic Materials Gold V3.1

Natural Vita Talalay®

Radium Foam BV
Radium foam offers components for luxury bedding products. The Natural Vita Talalay® can be applied in a…
Basic Materials Gold V3.1

Naturescast® Décor products

Nature’s Legacy
Applicable in almost all surfaces, NATURESCAST® is designed to give an organic but structured finish to…
Basic Materials Silver V3.1


SK Chemicals
ECOZEN is a high-temperature bio-copolyester designed for strength, high heat distortion, recyclability, and…
Basic Materials Silver V3.1

Greenline Brush-on Glazes

Cerama A/S
Greenline Brush on Glazes for stoneware and porcelain are pre-mixed and ready to use. Greenline Brush on…
Basic Materials Bronze V3.1

Carbon Black

Black Bear Carbon B.V.
Carbon black is used as a reinforcing agent in tires and technical rubber goods, and as a black pigment in…
Basic Materials Bronze V3.1

Carbon Black

Enrestec INC.
Carbon black produced by Enrestec's tire pyrolysis system can be used in products such as master-batch,…
Basic Materials Bronze V3.1

PetStar REBORN Food Grade Post-Consumer Recycled PET…

PetStar S.A.P.I. de C.V.
PET resin intended for use in beverage bottles or other plastic applications especially where food contact is…