Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Paint, Finishes, & Coatings Gold V3.1

Airlite Purelight Interior, Airlite Sunlight Exterior:

AM Technology Ltd

Airlite Purelight Interior and Airlite Sunlight Exterior are mineral, inorganic paints designed…

Wall Coverings Gold V3.1

Carnegie Xorel®

Carnegie Fabrics, Inc.

Xorel Fabrics are designed for use as wallcovering, upholstery, and panel fabric for interior…

Floor Coverings Gold V3.1

Cleverpark Silente, Multipark Silente

Bauwerk Parquet

Bauwerk Cleverpark Silente and Multipark Silente featuring the new Silente technology is a…

Carpeting Products Gold V3.1

DESSO EcoBase® Carpet Tile Backing

Tarkett B.V.

DESSO EcoBase® is a backing specifically designed with disassembly and recycling in mind. The…

Carpeting Products Gold V3.1

DESSO Ecobase® PA6 Solution Dyed Carpet Tiles Gold

Tarkett B.V.

PA6 Solution Dyed Carpet Tiles Gold include a variety of solution dyed carpet tile styles made…

Carpeting Products Gold V3.1

EcoWorx® Carpet Tile


Patcraft’s Reverse Collection (Renewal, Material, & Commitment) carpet tiles are built on the…

Floor Coverings Gold V3.1



iQOne is a resilient flooring product.

Paint, Finishes, & Coatings Gold V3.1

KALK Rødvig Kulekalk (KALK Rodvig Slaked Lime)


KALK Rødvig Kulekalk (Slaked Lime) is a range of products used as finishing treatments and…

Building Exteriors Gold V3.1

MAGNA Glaseramik

Magna Naturstein GmbH Dept Glaskeramik

At MAGNA Glaskeramik we offer either full slabs, with a maximum extension of 3500 x 1500 mm and…

Décor Gold V3.1

Manufaktur Green Fabrics Swiss Hometextiles

Pfister Vorhang Service AG

Manufaktur Green Fabrics Swiss Home Textiles
Materials include - Swiss-Silk, Swiss-Linen,…

Interior Design & Upholstery Textiles Gold V3.1

OceanSafe™ - Hometextiles

Deco Design Fuerus GmbH

OceanSafe™ - Hometextiles are made from 100% Cotton, woven, dyed, finished, manufactured in…

Floor Coverings Gold V3.1

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring

Tarkett SpA

Tarkett Lino flooring range includes Originale collection.

The range includes “Veneto 100%…

Paint, Finishes, & Coatings Gold V3.1

Titan Natural


TITAN NATURAL is a range of ‘no mineral’ paints and coatings based on last technology biomass…

Carpeting Products Silver V3.1

AFFIXX™ Hardback, AFIRMA™ Hardback, and NexStep®

Bentley Mills, Inc.

AFFIXX™ Hardback, AFIRMA™ Hardback, and NexStep® Cushion Tile Carpet Products are carpet tile…

Carpeting Products Silver V3.1

Anso and Unbranded Type 6 Nylon Residential Carpet

Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Anso nylon is designed to offer durability and resistance to wear, greater yarn density for…

Floor Coverings Silver V3.1

BaseWorks® Thermoset Rubber Wall Base


Johnsonite’s BaseWorks® is a thermoset rubber wall base. The product is available in 32…

Floor Coverings Silver V3.1

Biobased PU Resilient Flooring

Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

Shaw’s biobased PU resilient flooring is inspired by nature, with durability, healthy chemistry…

Floors Silver V3.1


Remmers BV

Cerezo Solid: Very durable, Semi soft and smooth high level PU self levelling flooring system.…

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