Material Health Certificate Registry

Wall Coverings Platinum V3.1

Carnegie Xorel®

Carnegie Fabrics, Inc.

Xorel Fabrics are designed for use as wallcovering, upholstery, and panel fabric for interior...

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Wall Coverings Gold V3.1


The Quantum Group

C-Layer Fabric is available in a variety of colors.

Wall Coverings Bronze V3.1

EarthTex™ Fabrics

Twitchell Technical Products, LLC

Twitchell’s Earthtex is a line of yarn and fabric products.

Wall Coverings Bronze V3.1



The DOMUS line offers a complete alternative of standard models of wood ceilings and walls,...

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Wall Coverings Bronze V3.1

Velvets based on mohair, silk and cotton

Vescom Textiles B.V.

Leo Schellens’ Velvets based on mohair, silk and cotton are used as curtains and/or upholstery...

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