Material Health Certificate Registry

Apparel Platinum V3.1

Apparel for goodness by Pacific Jeans

Pacific Jeans Ltd.

Casual Jeans for Men’s & Ladies.

Apparel Platinum V3.1

Workwear, apparel made from organic cotton and vinatur

Inogema GmbH

Work Wear, Apparel made from cotton and vinatur are designed to offer a climate control...

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Apparel Gold V3.1

Cotton Care Label GS113

Rudholm & Haak Ab

Cotton printed Care Label

Apparel Silver V3.1

Workwear, apparel, accessories made from Tencel and

Inogema GmbH

Manufacturer Description
Accessory Products consisting from vinatur® yarns and fabrics, a blend...

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Apparel Bronze V3.1


Van Puijenbroek Textiel

HaVep® REWORK workwear includes the following models: bib and brace overalls, overalls,...

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