Material Health Certificate Registry

Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1

55Q01AB Non BPA Inside Spray Lacquer

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Sherwin Williams’ 55Q01AB is a non-BPA, polyolefin-based technology for the inside of steel and aluminum…
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1


ABN Pipe Systems S.L.U.
Certified piping systems are grouped into two main families: - ABN//EVAC ENERGY: Soundproof drainage system…
Health & Beauty Platinum V3.1

Abyssinian Oil Advanced Skincare

Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd
Abyssinian Oil Advanced Skincare a range of skincare products that uses natural oils and ingredients.…
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1

Accoya® Wood

Accsys Technologies
Accoya® wood is a high performance acetylated wood building material designed for outdoor use and challenging…
Basic Materials Platinum V3.1


Aqdot Limited
AqFresh is a performance chemistry designed to capture, hold and release materials. This chemistry is used in…
Basic Materials Platinum V3.1


Aqdot Limited
AqStar is a high-performing emulsifier for personal care and cosmetics, designed to deliver formulation…
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1

Aqualure G2 54 Inside Spray

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings Limited
Internal spray coating that is designed to eliminate an extensive list of materials of concern. Polyolefin…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Archroma Chemicals for Pre-treatment

Archroma Management LLC
Archroma pre-treatment products for textile dyeing.
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Archroma Diresul® range of dyes

Archroma Management LLC
Diresul® RDT dyes are pre-reduced liquid dyestuffs.
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Archroma Dyeing Auxiliaries

Archroma Management LLC
Archroma chemical specialties for dyeing auxiliaries.
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1

ARTE Grey and Segmental Arch Pavers

Semmelrock International GmbH
With the ARTE® interlocking concrete pavers product range, Semmelrock Stein+Design offers a selection of…
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1


Sealing compound for beverage metallic cans
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

AVITERA® SE & NOVACRON® EC / S reactive dyes…

Huntsman (Singapore) Pte Ltd
AVITERA® SE is a range of reactive dyes designed to be free of restricted arylamines, including…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

BANN Textile Dyes

Bann Química Ltda.
BANN Textile Dyes are dyes manufactured and sold to the denim textiles industry to give a denim color to…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1


Rajby Textiles PVT Ltd
Beluga is a range of Rajby Textile’s denim fabrics manufactured using a process and components, including…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

bionicdry Einwaschimprägnierer / bionicdry wash-in…

Werner & Mertz GmbH, Erdal-Rex GmbH
Durable Water Repellent Finish “Bionicdry”. The patented fluorine-free water repellent is specifically…
Home & Office Supply Platinum V3.1

Blueland Cleaning Products

Blueland's Cleaning Tablets are designed to eliminate the need for plastic packaging. These tablets are…
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