Material Health Certificate Registry

Fashion + Textiles V4.0

Gold Textile Garment Auxiliaries by CHT

CHT Germany GmbH
Dyeing auxiliaries for textile applications
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1

55Q01AB Non BPA Inside Spray Lacquer

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Sherwin Williams’ 55Q01AB is a non-BPA, polyolefin-based technology for the inside of steel and aluminum…
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1


ABN Pipe Systems S.L.U.
Certified piping systems are grouped into two main families: - ABN//EVAC ENERGY: Soundproof drainage system…
Health & Beauty Platinum V3.1

Abyssinian Oil Advanced Skincare

Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd
Abyssinian Oil Advanced Skincare a range of skincare products that uses natural oils and ingredients.…
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1

Accoya® Color

Accsys Technologies
Accoya Color is acetylated wood, coloured all the way through to the core. The wood is acetylated with acetic…
Building Supply & Materials Platinum V3.1

Accoya® Wood

Accsys Technologies
Accoya® wood is a high performance acetylated wood building material designed for outdoor use and challenging…
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1

ALFAPURA® Product Group

ALFA Klebstoffe AG
ALFAPURA® – Dispersion Adhesives: A selection of adhesives and varnishes for a variety of applications,…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Apparel for Biological Cycle by Cotton Blossom

Cotton Blossom India Private Limited
Cotton apparel products for men, women and children in several color variations. Apparel includes tops,…
Basic Materials Platinum V3.1


Aqdot Limited
AqFresh is a performance chemistry designed to capture, hold and release materials. This chemistry is used in…
Basic Materials Platinum V3.1


Aqdot Limited
AqStar is a high-performing emulsifier for personal care and cosmetics, designed to deliver formulation…
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1

Aqualure G2 54 Inside Spray

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings Limited
Internal spray coating that is designed to eliminate an extensive list of materials of concern. Polyolefin…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Archroma Chemicals for Pre-treatment

Archroma Management GmbH
Archroma pre-treatment products for textile dyeing.
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

Archroma Dyeing Auxiliaries

Archroma Management GmbH
Archroma chemical specialties for dyeing auxiliaries.
Packaging & Paper Platinum V3.1


Sealing compound for beverage metallic cans
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

AVITERA® SE & NOVACRON® EC / S reactive dyes…

Huntsman (Singapore) Pte Ltd
AVITERA® SE is a range of reactive dyes designed to be free of restricted arylamines, including…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

BANN Textile Dyes

Bann Química Ltda.
BANN Textile Dyes are dyes manufactured and sold to the denim textiles industry to give a denim color to…
Fashion + Textiles Platinum V3.1

bionicdry Einwaschimprägnierer / bionicdry wash-in…

Werner & Mertz GmbH, Erdal-Rex GmbH
Durable Water Repellent Finish “Bionicdry”. The patented fluorine-free water repellent is specifically…
Home & Office Supply Platinum V3.1

Blueland Cleaning Products

Blueland’s Cleaning Products are designed to eliminate the need for plastic packaging. The Cleaning Tablets…
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