C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Platinum

wet-green® OBE

wet-green GmbH

wet-green® OBE by wet-green GmbH


The wet-green® OBE tanning agent is a plant-based concentrate produced from an aqueous olive leaf extract. The active (tanning) agents are the same ones present in some natural cosmetic articles and in extra virgin olive oil. wet-green® OBE is designed to be neither corrosive nor a hazardous substance. It is also designed to cut outlay on acids, salts, and syntans. This product is designed to produce leathers showing good shape retention but also softness, lightness, and durability. The resulting leathers are suitable for use in furniture, the automotive sector, and shoes/leather goods and clothing.

This certificate covers the following products:

wet-green® OBE

This product was assessed exclusively for use by professional Tanners trained in the proper handling and use of protective equipment for sensitising tanning agents

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