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RitterSport Chocolate Wrapping

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co.KG

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RITTER SPORT packaging wrapper for chocolate bars for 100 gram- (including lactose-free & vegan), 250 gram- and mini-range

The Ritter Sport Chocolate Wrapping is the packaging for various chocolate bars in different sizes made by the German chocolate company Ritter Sport. It consists of two foils connected by a laminating adhesive. The product is sold worldwide in different markets. The chocolate wrapping is available in a variety of color shades, according to the chocolate type and filling. There are 28 main chocolate varieties available year-round and additional ones for seasonal editions.
The chocolate wrapping is available in several languages amongst others in German, English, Russian, and French.

This certificate covers the following products:

Ritter Sport Chocolate Wrapping: 100g; 100g vegan; 100g lactose free; 65g Bio; 250g (big chocolate bar); Mini

Certification Standard Version 3.1

Renewal Date: 15 July 2020

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