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Omega Fire Coatings are ceramic-based, water-borne, insulating coatings designed to insulate in medium temperature situations. Use Industrial Coatings as a base coat/primer or build layers for additional protection. This insulation method is much different than the traditional “wrap” insulation materials that slow down the loss of heat (known as an R rating or “heat transfer”). The ceramic compounds used are designed to create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit—be it pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc. Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in Omega Fire are designed to resist absorbing the heat that would escape from the surface of the unit, trapping and holding the heat onto the surface.

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Omega Fire™

Certification Standard Version 3.1

Renewal Date: 27 August 2020

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LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

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