C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Gold

Nomatec® XPE MH Gold

NMC sa

Nomatec® XPE MH Gold by NMC sa


NMC offers a wide range of flexible products for technical insulation and industrial engineering. Nomatec® XPE MH Gold is an insulation, sealing or acoustic foam for building industry applications. Nomatec® XPE MH Gold solutions for industries are co-developed in close collaboration with our customers in order to fulfil the requested technical requirements for the application. It is designed in different sizes and formulations to reach for instance specific insulation, fire & mechanical properties. Nomatec® XPE MH Gold is used to improve the U-value of aluminium windows, doors & facades.

This certificate covers the following products:

Nomatec® XPE MH Gold

Available in the colours white, grey and black. Comes in various product compositions and sizes, according to customer requirements.

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