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Flexalen 600

Thermaflex International Holding B.V

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Renewal date 20 February 2021


Flexalen 600 is a flexible, pre-insulated pipe system for heating, cooling, and potable water applications. It is made of a polybutene carrier pipe that is enclosed by polyethylene foam with a corrugated HDPE outer casing, between which a homogeneous water-tight bond is secured. All Flexalen materials are designed to be recyclable. The polyolefin material is designed to provide insulation while also providing homogeneous welding connections through electrofusion, polyfusion, and butt welding technology. Flexalen pipe systems are designed to be corrosion-free and pressure- and temperature-resistant. Flexalen 600 is available with single or twin carrier pipes, and with the option of an oxygen barrier around the Polybutene pipe. Insulation is also available in various thicknesses.

Flexible pre-insulated plastic pipes with different configurations as following:
- Grey Single pipe
- Grey Double pipe
- Red Single pipe
- Red Double pipe

Flexalen 600 is comprised from the following parts:
- Insulating Foam
- Outer Casing
- Single or Double Carrier Pipe

The full list of products that fall under the certification can be found in the product specification sheet.

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Certification Standard Version 3.1

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LEED Credits

LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

LEED Material Ingredient Optimization Credit Eligible

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This product is also Cradle to Cradle Certified