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fade® Acoustic Plaster System

fade® Acoustic Ceilings EUROPE ApS

Renewal date 09 June 2020


The fade® Acoustic Plaster is a plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. As an acoustic plaster solution applied to walls and ceilings, its absorbent qualities allow for acoustic control in large, commercial spaces.

The fade® Acoustic Plaster System can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings.

The fade® Acoustic Plaster system comes in a variety of finishes to suit design requirements and the acoustic can be coloured in bespoke NCS or RAL colours.

fade® acoustic plaster PLUS+
fade® acoustic plaster ALBUS
fade® acoustic plaster COLOR

Packaging is banned list compliant

Certification Standard Version 3.1

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LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

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This product is also Cradle to Cradle Certified