C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Silver

Colortec ORIGIN+

Dansk Wilton A/S

Colortec ORIGIN+ by Dansk Wilton A/S


Colortec ORIGIN+ is custom designed carpet solutions made with undyed wool in nature’s own colour variations.  This product line consists of a range of heathered yarns based on the natural color variations of wool: carpets with absolutely no dye.

Different breeds of sheep have different colors. By sourcing the natural undyed wool from black, brown, grey, golden and white sheep a palette of 8 yarns was created through the mixing the raw wool in different colours and from different sheep breeds. A characteristic of the undyed wool is the natural colour variations which gives the yarn a heathered look.

The Colortec ORIGIN+ concept is targeted the hospitality industry and based on custom designed carpet solutions. Colortec ORIGIN+ is produced using un-dyed yarns in a yarn blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Colortec ORIGIN+ has an integrated textile. Colortec ORIGIN+ is available with a wide range of performance characteristics, designed to be suitable for many spaces – from hotel rooms to high traffic public areas.

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Colortec ORIGIN+

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