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The ClickBrick® range are extruded bricks that are custom milled and grooved to size after being fired in the kiln, resulting in an exact shape and size, with a tolerance of less than +/- 0.1 mm on the quoted height. The resulting built finish of the external wall is very smooth and clean and designed to require little or no maintenance. The ClickBrick® range is manufactured in the Daas Baksteen Zeddam factory in Zeddam.

This certificate covers the following products:

Oakwood Clickbrick, Maplewood Clickbrick, Redwood Clickbrick, Pinewood Clickbrick, Ebonywood Clickbrick, Cedarwood Clickbrick, Tilstonwood Clickbrick, Birchwood Clickbrick, Olivewood Clickbrick, Teakwood Clickbrick, Cambridge Clickbrick, Royston Clickbrick, Eton (met Leistructuur) Clickbrick, Harling Clickbrick, Mephis Fuss Clickbrick, Lincoln Fuss Clickbrick, Detroit Fuss Clickbrick, Tucson Fuss Clickbrick, Manchesterwood Binair Clickbrick, Manchester slate Binair Clickbrick

Certification Standard Version 3.1

Renewal Date: 20 July 2020

LEED Credits

LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

LEED Material Ingredient Optimization Credit Eligible

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This product is also Cradle to Cradle Certified