C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Platinum

CALOSTAT® by Evonik Operations GmbH


CALOSTAT® is a designed to be a permeable, non-flammable and self-supporting heat insulating panel specially developed for the construction sector. CALOSTAT® is made of silicon dioxide, a purely mineral raw material, and has the following properties: Classified as a Class A (non-flammable) building material, gross density of 165 kg/m³, low thermal conductivity [λ = 0.019 W/(m K)]. Its thermal conductivity rating is listed as 021. This hydrophobic insulation material also distinguishes itself with a compressive strength of > 90 kPa. These lightweight panels contain no fungicides, algicides or pesticides. It is designed to be reaction-neutral in relation to other composite materials, resistant to environmental influences such as mold formation, fog-free, and recyclable.

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