C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Platinum

CALOSTAT® Granules

Evonik Operations GmbH

CALOSTAT® Granules by Evonik Operations GmbH


CALOSTAT® is available in a number of sheet types and as a granulate. It is designed to be permeable to water without absorbing it. During production the material is hydrophobized deeply into the pores.
CALOSTAT® is used as an insulation material and desgined to be inherently non-flammable. In the construction industry, CALOSTAT® sheets are used mainly in the building envelope. They are also used in other industries, as shipbuilding, machine and plant engineering, and fire protection. CALOSTAT® Granules are designed to serve an insulating filler in complex closed geometries and as the main component of formulations for composites for dew point shift, as well as for safe touch surfaces and energy saving.

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CALOSTAT® Granules

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