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Renewal date 22 June 2019

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C/S Cantilevered and Suspended Sunshades are designed to significantly reduce solar heat gain and glare in interior spaces.

C/S Shadowline™ Sunshades, designed for sun control, utilize modular grilles housed with a perimeter tube frame and are mechanically fastened to a single outrigger using 2” x 4” tubes.  These sunshades are offered with 2’ to 5’ projections and available with 2” to 12” cell spacing.

C/S Perform Sunshades provide buildings with sun control and softened light.  These shades employ a slender, custom tube support that mechanically captures a perforated sheet.  Projects up to 2’6” without intermediate supports (4’ with supports). Section widths up to 6 feet.

C/S Horizontal Sunshades are most often used on southerly facing elevations. When used in warmer climates horizontal systems will shade in both summer and winter. But in cooler climates they shade in summer months and provide supplemental solar heat in the winter. The lower altitude of the sun causes its rays to penetrate through the horizontal blades and supply supplemental heat. C/S Horizontal sunshades give the same passive solar control as C/S Cantilevered Sunshade but with a different architectural accent.

C/S Vertical Sunshades are designed for sun glare problems on east or west elevations. They are used in either warm or cool climates to block the early morning sun on the easterly elevations and the late afternoon sun on the westerly elevations. They enhance architectural appearance by integrating simple vertical lines into the natural line of the building.

Sun Control Systems: Cantilevered, Suspended, Vertical, and Horizontal

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Certification Standard Version 3.1

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