Material Health Certificate

Byrne Power/Data Centers

Byrne Electrical Specialists

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Byrne’s portable power and data convenience outlets bring new flexibility to the table, because they don’t require modification to work surfaces. These power and data centers are designed to attach to the edge, fitting surface tops of varying thicknesses.

This certificate covers the following products:

Byrne MHO® Power/Data Center
Byrne MHO2® Power/Data Center
Byrne M2X® Power/Data Center
Byrne Assemble® Power/Data Center
Byrne Assemble® Reveal Power/Data Center
Byrne Glenbeigh® Contemporary Power/Data Center
Byrne Glenbeigh® Traditional Power/Data Center
Byrne Mini-Port® Power/Data Center
Byrne Axil® Power/Data Center
Byrne Dean® Power/Data Center
Byrne Pepper® Power/Data Center

All Cradle to Cradle Certified products have “C2C” appended to the model number and are reflected in this report. Lids on MHO and MHO2 are excluded.

PLEASE NOTE: The description of the product is provided solely by the product’s manufacturer. C2CPII cannot and does not independently verify the accuracy of the product description in this registry, and only attests to the validity and level of certification awarded to each product under the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. Please contact the product’s manufacturer with any questions about the product’s description or purchasing details.