C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Bronze

Avenue Metro Vitality

Whitecroft Lighting Limited

Avenue Metro Vitality by Whitecroft Lighting Limited


Modular linear LED system with integral uplight for continuous or stand alone applications.  80% downlight, 20% uplight ratio. TP(a) Opal diffuser for general, circulation and feature areas. TP(a) Prismatic diffuser or Pod optic for EN12464-1 compliant schemes. Designed to create long lines and features of light with a seamless aesthetic. Available as Surface, Recessed or Suspended – as Whitecroft Lighting AVENUE METRO VITALITY.

This certificate covers the following products:

1000mm POD Standalone Suspended
1250mm OR3 POD Standalone Suspended
3000mm POD Continuous Suspended
1000mm HEX Diffuser Standalone
1250mm Diffuser Standalone
3000mm Diffuser Continuous

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