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Airlite Purelight Interior, Airlite Sunlight Exterior: white and yellow range

AM Technology Ltd

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Renewal date 12 February 2020


Airlite Purelight Interior and Airlite Sunlight Exterior are a mineral, inorganic paint designed for high breathability. They are available in white and numerous colors. They come in a powder form and have to be mixed with water before application. Designed for perfect coverage and a long-lasting effect.

Airlite Purelight can be applied on all interior surfaces; new, already built or already painted.

Airlite Sunlight can be applied on all the external surfaces (new or existing). Particularly: external plasters, concrete surfaces and masonry, rebuilt elements.
Yellow range:Y115, Y116, Y117, Y118, Y119

Airlite SunLight
Airlite PureLight

Packaging is assessed and meets Basic level requirements

Certification Standard Version 3.1

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LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

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