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This series unites form and function as a tightly woven, sound-absorbing, light-blocking, near-blackout textile. Its woven flame-retardant polyester is designed to enhance any interior. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.575, the shadecloth is designed to filter noise and reduce sound reverberation. When sound is absorbed, echoes are reduced.

Content: 100% polyester
Openness factor: 0–1%
Stocked: 86 in. (218cm) wide
NFPA 701-2004: pass
NRC rating: 0.575

This certificate covers the following products:

AcoustiVeil™ Dimout shadecloth; 0890 Series

Certification Standard Version 3.1

Renewal Date: 14 November 2020

LEED Credits

LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure Credit Eligible

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Manufacturer Contact:

Rachel Berman

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(718) 729-2020

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