C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Silver

Abyssinian Oil Skincare

Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd

Abyssinian Oil Skincare by Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd


Abyssinian Oil is a range of skincare products that uses a blend of natural oils and ingredients. Abyssinian Oil can be grown anywhere meaning that it’s much more sustainable to source and supports natural ecosystems. This range uses naturally and cruelty free ingredients and contains no microplastics. All of the product packaging in this category can be sent back to Beauty Kitchen to be washed and reused in the next batch, as part of the Return • Refill • Repeat programme.

This certificate covers the following products:

- Prime Time Cleanser
- Super Serum for Eye and Deep Lines
- Hydra Boost Day Cream
- Quick Fix Moisture Mask
- Hydration Hero Fact Mist
- Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask

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