752 certifications

Concrete, Cement, and Masonry Gold V3.1


Daas Baksteen Zeddam BV

The ClickBrick® range are extruded bricks that are custom milled and grooved to size after being...

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Automotive Parts Gold V3.1

Clutch disks with diameter 350 – 430 mm with and

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

The clutch disk is installed in the powertrain between flywheel and pressure plate.

The clutch...

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Apparel Gold V3.1

Cotton Care Label GS113

Rudholm & Haak Ab

Cotton printed Care Label

Labeling & Postage Gold V3.1

Denim Jacron

Charming Printing Ltd

Product is patches for denim Jacron (54mm x 82mm). The material itself is available in Tan,...

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Dyes + Finishes Gold V3.1


Bluconnection Pte Ltd

DenimBlu30, 30% pre-reduced liquid indigo is an indigo product for the denim industry....

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Dyes + Finishes Gold V3.1

Diresul® range of dyes

Archroma Management LLC

Diresul® RDT dyes are pre-reduced liquid dyestuffs.

Dyes + Finishes Gold V3.1

DyStar Textile Dyes

DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH

The assessed Dystar Textile Dyes include VAT Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Indigo Dyes and...

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Labeling & Postage Gold V3.1

Eco Jacron Patch

Charming Printing Ltd

Eco Jacron Patch for denim.  The material itself is available in Tan color.

Yarn Gold V3.1

ENKA® Viscose

ENKA International GmbH & Co. KG

ENKA® Viscose is an endless viscose rayon yarn suitable for various textile enduses. ENKA®...

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Structural Building Materials Gold V3.1

EPDM 70 Gold

Semperit Profiles Deggendorf GmbH

EPDM Compound for Construction Industry gaskets (window and façade Systems, Doors and Gates) as...

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Paint, Finishes, & Coatings Gold V3.1

Graphenstone indoor and outdoor paint (only white

Industria Española para el Desarrollo e Investigación SA (IEDISA)

Graphenstone is a range of natural lime-based paints and coatings which contains graphene...

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Floor Coverings Gold V3.1


Construction Specialties, Inc

A stainless steel grid system designed to remove debris and to provide a permanent, integrated...

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Floor Adhesives Gold V3.1


Helmitin Inc.

Helmibond Flooring Adhesives are a group of commercially available adhesive products.

Printing Materials Gold V3.1

hubergroup Eco-Offset Ink Superior

hubergroup Deutschland GmbH

A sheet-fed offset ink series for print products and packagings.

Polymers Gold V3.1

Ingeo Biopolymer

NatureWorks, LLC

Ingeo™  is a family of commercially available biopolymers derived from annually renewable...

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Insulation Gold V3.1

insulbar® profiles (regular, ESP) with co-ex-wire

Ensinger GmbH

Insulbar® – Thermal insulation profiles for metal windows, doors and facades. Under the...

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Chemicals Gold V3.1

Licocare® RBW

Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Deutschland) GmbH

Multi-purpose additives are derived from crude rice bran wax, a by-product from the production...

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Architectural Glass Gold V3.1

Magnetron Coated Glass

AGC Glass Europe

Magnetron Coated Glass is coated on one side with several layers of metal oxides applied using a...

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