Want to Get Your Product Specified by Google, Perkins+Will, Harvard, and the Durst Organization?

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Want to get your product specified by big players like Google, Perkins+Will, Harvard, and the Durst Organization? Cradle to Cradle Certified™ and the Material Health Certificate are one of the easiest pathways for products to be included in Portico, a new material-analysis tool.

During Greenbuild, Google and the Healthy Building Network (HBN) announced the launch of Portico, a web-based building materials analysis and decision-making tool designed to simplify specification of building products that meet health and transparency objectives. Cradle to Cradle certification and Material Health Certificate are one of three standards recognized in Portico.

“Portico streamlines the evaluation and specification of healthy materials for users and encourages manufacturers to optimize their product chemistry,” said Stacy Glass, Vice President of Built Environment for Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. “Unlike any other tool in the marketplace, Portico clearly outlines the journey for manufacturers with five key steps to material health: inventory, screening, assessment, optimization, and transparency while the criteria and scoring system helps to recognize progress along the path. With products that have achieved C2C Material Health attribute being recognized for optimization in Portico, we expect Portico to continue to play an instrumental role in driving more demand for certified products that users can easily select and more manufacturers optimizing to make progress toward this rigorous standard.”

Cradle to Cradle Certified products and those with a Material Health Certificate (MHC) score well in the system with a Gold-level or higher in material health earning the highest number of points within Portico. Having Cradle to Cradle certification or an MHC is the easiest path to providing information into Portico as well as being the most rewarded path due to the rigor and quality of the C2C Certified standard.

A collaboration between HBN and Google, Portico integrates project management functions and a growing database of more than 2,500 building materials and products evaluated against a progressive path toward chemical optimization.

Portico is currently available to Google project team members as well as designers with Perkins+Will, Harvard, and the Durst Organization. Other “early access” partners are being invited; eventually, the tool will be available to the broader industry.

Unlike other product databases, Portico is designed to integrate with a typical design and construction delivery process. It connects data with project workflow and has three main functions which are performed in the app: project management, product research, and product information requests.  Users can manage a building project by defining criteria, setting goals, and tracking progress.

For products that don’t have C2C certification or an MHC, a Health Product Declaration (HPD) will be accepted to demonstrate compliance with the inventory and screening requirements.  Manufacturers can also enter their bill of materials, which will be screened against more than 40,000 chemical hazards sourced from Healthy Building Network’s Pharos Project.  GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals Chemical Hazard Assessments are also accepted. Products carry a point value up to 16 based material and transparency.

For product manufacturers, Portico provides ease of sharing information about products directly with owners, architects, and contractors through Portico. By entering product information within Portico, manufacturers are able to instantly share it with any number of users already using Portico, eliminating the need to duplicate efforts at multiple locations.  

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