The Upcycle

Credit:greenbiz article


This week co-founders of the Institute, William McDonough and Michael Braungart, released their first book since the popular Cradle to Cradle hit the shelves in 2002. Cradle to Cradle, monumental in current sustainable design and manufacturing thinking, was so powerfully received that it launched the non-profit Institute as well as the continuing dialogue about 'cradle to cradle' innovation philosophy. 

"I think Cradle to Cradle put a fulcrum on the ground. For us, it was so much the opportunity to say, 'What if you had some bedrock principles, and what would they be?'" explains McDonough. "We wrote this for two reasons: one is it allows us to use Cradle to Cradle as a fulcrum--the thing that does not move--and then what kind of levers would one use against that fulcrum" (fastcoexist article)

Over a decade later, The Upcycle is born. This time McDonough and Braungart take the next leap in explaining the practical business case for the 'cradle to cradle' principles, as they highlight the use of their ideas as implemented in real products.(read an excerpt here)

"In the first book, we talked about "being less bad" is not "being good." In this one, we're taking it a bit further and saying, "Being less bad is a good thing to do as part of your program," because demand-side management is critical. So: Reduce your carbon-based energy, if it's going to the atmosphere..." explains McDonough

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