The 2015 Greenbuild Concept Home


Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute again joins the effort to promote state-of-the-art sustainability and material health

It’s one thing to discuss the principles and practices of green building — it’s another to see those ideas take physical shape before your eyes. The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is once again partnering to create the Greenbuild Concept Home, featuring an unprecedented number of C2C Certfied™ products and Material Health Certificates in one location. The partnership between the Institute, Hanley Wood Media, and Unity Homes, with interiors by SmithGroup, will be on display and open to guided tours at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo November 18-20 in Washington, DC. 

Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building, attracting industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals from across the country. Nearly 20,000 people attended last year’s event in New Orleans.

Stacy Glass, the Institute’s VP for the Built Environment, is coordinating contributions to the house by companies that have secured either our new Material Health Certificate or have Cradle to Cradle Certified products. “I realized when we did this project last year how close we were to being able to build an entire home with C2C Certified products,” says Glass, “and I decided that this year we would focus on healthy interiors and to surround the homeowner with products that are designed and certified to be safe, perpetually cycled, and manufactured in ways that respect humans and the environment. This year guests can expect to see certified beds, cabinets, living room furniture, upholstery , countertops, tile, engineered flooring, rugs, paint, window coverings, and much, much more! Cradle to Cradle is moving from the commercial sector to a lifestyle brand - it’s exciting to see manufacturers remaking the way they make things in all aspects of our lives. ”

Aside from Glass’s work, her team members on the project are also pursuing LEED v4 Platinum, EPA Indoor airPLUS, and WaterSense certifications. As Rick Schwolsky, construction manager for the 2015 Greenbuild Unity Home, has written in Builder, “Every decision that Unity must make that could affect energy performance, comfort and health criteria, and sustainability is evaluated by the experts on this team. This includes everything from building science to lighting design, from framing details to glazing options, and especially every product and system considered for installation. Every decision must pass through the filter created specifically for this project, and through an evaluation process created by this team.

“It is a level of rigor that requires new levels of awareness, research, and analysis. But it is a process that, once established, holds the key to success for high-performance home builders (or any builder for that matter) looking for ways to improve their products and processes.”

Come visit us at Greenbuild this year and look for our on-line virtual tour following the expo.