Team Changes at the Institute

We’re excited to share some of the team changes that have been happening at the Institute this spring as our organization continues evolving to meet the growing needs of our C2C Certified community.

First, Tamara Zwart has stepped into the role of Director of Textiles/Apparel and Stakeholder Engagement. In this new capacity, Tamara will focus on the needs of brands and suppliers in the fashion sector interested in entering the Cradle to Cradle certification program, while Annie Gullingsrud will continue to lead the Fashion Positive PLUS initiative.

Tamara will also be working with Marisa Guber, who has moved into the role of Stakeholder Engagement Manager, as part of our newly formed stakeholder engagement team. The team will focus on better supporting our certification holders and assessors with new tools and resources for understanding, marketing and maximizing the value of Cradle to Cradle Certified across the supply chain.

Eline de Leeuw, who previously worked on circular economy projects for Delta Development and the Dutch Ministry of Defense, has also joined the Institute on a short-term basis to support our fashion work.

Finally Stephanie Connolly, who joined the Institute last year, has moved into a new role leading impact management for the Institute. Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise in data analytics and reporting to our team, and she will be working to develop impact measurement strategies and analytics that help quantify the true value of Cradle to Cradle Certified across key sectors. We look forward to sharing more about Stephanie’s work in the coming months.

Emma Williams has also joined the Institute to head communications for our organization.