PUMA InCycle: The Shape of Things to Come

Instead, InCycle products are themselves made of spaceage material innovations like APINATbio© biodegradable plastic (pictured above) or from recyclable materials like PET. Also in accordance with Cradle to Cradle Certified guidance, PUMA has established its landmark "Bring Me Back"  system, developed with our friends at I:CO , to provide consumers with an easy way to return recyclable materials into endless incarnations of cool products.

The big story here is that PUMA, a global leader, began looking externally through their Environmental Profit and Loss accounting and asked how they could design their products and systems to reduce their negative environmental footprint and increase their positive environmental footprint. All while they keep making money. Bravo!


And we love how PUMA tells their own story of "optimizing the nutrient stream"!