Find Products Keeping Pace with Material Health Demands


Facing a future of increasing environmental regulations and increasingly louder customer demands for healthy materials and sustainable practices, the A&D community must negotiate a market crowded with product claims and voluntary standards. Our new Material Health Certificate provides architects, designers, and specifiers a clear and powerful way to understand chemically optimized products. To that end, the new Material Health Certificate Registry is a free database for would-be purchasers to find and specify Material Health Certificate products.

Industry groups, nonprofits, governments, and companies of all sizes and industries are prioritizing the identification and elimination of chemicals of concern, driving manufacturers to:

•    Know more about the chemicals in their products and supply chains;
•    Be more transparent about the chemicals in their products;
•    Avoid chemicals of high concern and shift to inherently safer chemicals;
•    Commit to continuous improvement toward greener chemistry in their products.

(Products that have achieved full Cradle to Cradle certification across all five attributes in the standard can still be found in the ever-expanding Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry.)

The Material Health Certificate ensures products have been assessed for human and environmental impacts and provides an indication of optimization in the form of progressively more challenging achievement levels:
•    Bronze – No Cradle to Cradle Certified banned list chemicals;
•    Silver – No exposure from carcinogens, mutagens, or reproductive toxicants;
•    Gold – Safe for humans and the environment, fully optimized.

If you are an architect, designer, or specifier interested in learning more how the Material Health Certificate and Product Registry can support your work in the face of coming market and regulatory challenges, please contact Stacy Glass, VP, Built Environment, for more information: [email protected]