Developers Reveal Why They Value Cradle to Cradle

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Why do builders and developers rely on Cradle to Cradle certification to select their products? Hear what four leading executives had to say in these short videos:

Jones Lang LaSalle
Dan Probst, Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services

“If we can make their employees more productive, we’re talking about [saving] $300 a square foot. So health and productivity quickly went to the top of [our] list. And that’s where the materials come into play because they have a big impact on health and productivity in an office environment. … But it’s also been an area that historically has been difficult for us to focus on because there hasn’t been an easy way to identify and measure. And along comes Cradle to Cradle with a program that enables us to take the guesswork out of that and help us to know the products that can contribute to a healthy work environment.”   

Michael Deane, VP & Chief Sustainability Officer

“We’re the end of the line. A building is designed and specified to achieve certain goals and avoid certain things, and it all lands on us to execute. We need tools to help us avoid materials that have negative impacts, and Cradle to Cradle is a perfect tool to do that.”

Steve Glenn, President

“We believe our consumers really care deeply about the things that we put in homes. As a small company, we don’t have the ability to go research all of the products we use. And that’s why it’s critical for us that there are folks like Cradle to Cradle [Products Innovation] Institute who are doing the hard research … and have set up a program that allows manufacturers to get certified; frankly, it makes it easy for us to then say, ‘Great, this is a product we can use’ because we know it’s a healthy product built in an appropriate way.”

Anthony Ravitz, Real Estate & Workplace Service Team Lead

“We’re focused on creating places that support the health and well-being of our people and helping them perform at their best every day, not just for Google, but for themselves and for their families. So Cradle to Cradle has been a resource for us for a long time. … It helps us as consumers make much better decisions that align with our values and our priorities.”