City of Ghent Cleans with Ecover C2C Certified Products

The picturesque city of Ghent, Belgium is getting even prettier. And cleaner. And more eco-effective. This month the city announced that 180 public buildings — including administrative buildings, museums, libraries, warehouses, and community centers —will be cleaned with Ecover's Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver products.

‘We all know that we have to take care of our environment." said Deputy Mayor Martine De Regge. "The city of Ghent is by tradition a Belgian pioneer in ecology. You can understand that I am very proud that we are the first city to take such an important big step in the right direction. I hope we can inspire other cities to clean in the same environmentally friendly way. Ghent is proving once again how innovative a city it is."

Another 160 buildings will be added later this year.