C2CPII Partners with Horizon 2020 on R2PI Project on New Circular Economy Guidelines

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is proud to have partnered with the Horizon 2020 project R2π -- a Transition from Linear 2 Circular: Policy and Innovation on the development of a set of Circular Economy guidelines highlighting principles and lessons from Circular Economy Business Models. The guidelines have been published by the R2Pi project, a recently completed three-year research project under Horizon 2020, the European Commission Research and Innovation programme. 

The R2π -- a Transition from Linear 2 Circular: Policy and Innovation initiative examined how innovative business tools and policy packages can enable an effective transition to new business models for the circular economy through the analysis of fifteen circular business models across six different sectors, including water, construction, electronics, food, plastics and textiles. The accumulated findings were used to identify best practices and policies for moving from the concept of a circular economy to the successful implementation of real-world practice, including the development of an R2π toolbox and policy guidelines for businesses and policymakers. 

Designed to provide consultants and in-house strategists with the tools to train others in the principles of the Circular Economy, Circular Economy Business Models and the corresponding policy environment, the guidelines, along with fifteen case studies, are available on the R2π site.