A long-time leader in the circular economy, the Netherlands was an early pioneer of using Cradle to Cradle Certified™ products in buildings designed and constructed according to circular principles. Five years ago, Deventer Profielen brought together a group of Dutch building industry organizations to work together to advance the recognition and use of Cradle to Cradle certification throughout the Dutch building industry. Known as C2C Bouwgroep, the consortium consists of 20 partners, including 16 manufacturers of Cradle to Cradle Certified building products. Today, the group collaborates on initiatives for realizing a circular economy in the Dutch built environment with the goal of ultimately offering enough certified products to fulfill the circular specifications of an entire building. 

In addition, C2C Bouwgroep members use the platform to share implementation experiences in achieving Cradle to Cradle certification for their products and in bringing those products to market. The group’s shared education, outreach and marketing activities to promote Cradle to Cradle Certified within the Dutch building sector also offer a working model for how manufacturers of certified products can leverage shared resources to advance the use of certified products in the design and construction of circular buildings. 

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Image: KLM Training Centre/Armstrong Floors - courtesy of C2C Bouwgroep