Built Positive Unveils New Branding Identity

Alongside the kickoff of the Built Positive movement, the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has created an accompanying visual identity that stands out in the sustainable design community while clearly communicating the movement’s mission.

In developing the new branding for Built Positive, the team sought a visual identity that feels open, collaborative, innovative, and professional. The new logo stays true to the existing Cradle to Cradle blue-and-green color scheme; the combination of lettering “Built Positive” and a + symbol is clear, contemporary, and evokes feelings of collaboration and partnership. The + sign, inspired by the original Cradle to Cradle® logo, is formed of two connecting infinity signs that reflect one of the central principles of the Built Positive program: designing for circularity. The + symbol also is elevated to indicate the exponential power of the Built Positive principles.

The visual identity will be used in all future internal and external Built Positive communications.

To learn more about the Built Positive movement, visit our Built Positive landing page.

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