85% of Shaw Products Now Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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In its latest sustainability report, floorcovering manufacturer Shaw Industries announced that 85% of the products the company makes, based on sales unit volume, are now Cradle to Cradle Certified™.

The company says the achievement follows the recent certification of its polyester carpet products, which added to an already lengthy list of certified products.

“This report reflects our daily quest to help create safe, healthy spaces that foster innovation, promote healing, encourage learning, and bring people together,” said Paul Murray, Shaw’s vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs. “We are dedicated to carefully evaluating each advance in technology, chemistry, manufacturing, and processes to ensure that we are good stewards, using shared resources wisely to meet the diverse needs of all those who step foot on our products.”

Other accomplishments highlighted in Shaw's sustainability report include:

  • 36% reduction in actual vs. modeled water intensity since 2011, toward a goal of 50%
  • 34% reduction in waste intensity since 2008, toward a goal of 100%
  • 25% reduction in actual vs. modeled greenhouse gas emissions intensity since 2010, toward a goal of 40%
  • 16% reduction in actual vs. modeled energy intensity since 2011, toward a goal of 40%
  • 40% reduction in OSHA incident rate since 2005, toward a goal of 100%

“Shaw is continuing to invest and evolve to succeed amidst ever accelerating change in every market in which we compete,” said Vance Bell, Shaw Chairman and CEO. “Sustainability will continue to be an important catalyst for the sort of innovation that will drive our enduring success.”

To learn more about how Shaw has optimized its materials and manufacturing to achieve Cradle to Cradle certification, read the company's Path to Positive story here.