Troldtekt A/S

Certified Acoustic Tiles and a Business Strategy Based upon Cradle to Cradle Principles

Since 1935, Troldtekt A/S has produced sustainable acoustic solutions for walls and ceiling claddings. All acoustic panels are developed and manufactured in Denmark – from certified Danish wood and Danish cement and under modern, eco-friendly conditions. The panels ensure high acoustic comfort in modern architecture: Institutions, schools, sports facilities, swimming pools, open-plan offices, cultural buildings and private homes.

Our strategic efforts to integrate environmental standards and sustainability in the company led to a decision in 2012 to apply for a Cradle to Cradle certification for the product line 'Troldtekt Nature'. The decision was, among other things, based on a study showing that architects were more aware of Cradle to Cradle than other environmental certifications. Cradle to Cradle was also chosen because the concept gives priority to the environment, the economy as well as social conditions. Since then, Troldtekt has employed a systematic Cradle to Cradle approach. In 2013, Troldtekt's painted acoustic panels were also certified, and currently 92 per cent of the total production is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver. 

Sustainable Roadmap
Sustainability and responsibility have always been part of our DNA. Our products are made from natural materials, and responsibility is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. But by systematizing and communicating our initiatives, we have strengthened both our bottom line and brand. Both management and employees are therefore convinced about the value of continuing down the sustainable track. 

In collaboration with the consulting firm Vugge til Vugge Danmark, Troldtekt has prepared a road map for our Cradle to Cradle initiatives. The roadmap has become a key element in Troldtekt's business strategy and defines, among other things, a number of value-adding initiatives that we will carry out step by step toward 2022. The initiatives cover five general areas: Material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness.

It is not a rigid to-do list, because as new possibilities emerge or as the objectives are achieved, the roadmap will be updated. For example, the goal was that 50 per cent of our power consumption should derive from wind power in 2015, but already in 2013 the share of energy from wind power reached 100 per cent, obtained through a climate partnership agreement with DONG Energy.

Healthy Choice of Materials
The wood used in the production of Troldtekt acoustic products is Norway spruce from Danish forests near the factory. Troldtekt is both PEFCTM and the FSC® Certified to guarantee that the wood can be traced back to responsible forestry. Thus, Troldtekt helps to maintain the natural biodiversity and the positive impact of forests on the climate.

Further, Troldtekt helps to ensure a good indoor climate. Our panels contain no harmful or allergenic substances and are certified to the best indoor climate categories by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling (Dansk Indeklima Mærkning) and have achieved the International M1 and Allergy Friendly Product labelling, respectively. Naturally, our products are CE-marked and meet Danish and European fire classifications.

Sustainable Value Chain
Inspired by the UN Global Compact initiative, which we joined in 2010, Troldtekt has formulated a Code of Conduct which all our product-related suppliers are asked to sign. By their signature, they commit to following a number of internationally recognised standards within human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. In this way, our Code of Conduct serves to quality assure our entire value chain. 

In its role as a supplier, Troldtekt guarantees a quality-assured and responsible choice. Troldtekt helps to contribute points for the focus areas such as life cycle costs, indoor climate and materials in the three voluntary building certification schemes DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. The certifications are gaining increasing attention, as they will help to ensure focus on sustainability throughout the construction process and improve the economy in the operational phase of major construction projects.

Long-term Roadmap
At Troldtekt, we are sticking to our focus on standing out in a positive way in terms of sustainability when consultants, clients and architects are to choose between Troldtekt and alternative acoustic solutions. This is based on the idea that sustainable building pay off in the long term in the form of improved operating economy, health and comfort. Therefore, it makes sense to a manufacturer like us to be ahead of the field.

Not all the sustainable investments in Troldtekt's Cradle to Cradle roadmap give correspondingly higher short-term returns, but they have been an important factor in strengthening our business in Denmark and opening doors to new international markets.