Paper with best values

Steinbeis products are produced by the most advanced technology, to maximize savings on energy, water and carbon emission. We produce 100% recovered paper, and so fewer raw resource (forests) need to be cut. Our entire product line has already been certified by Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel. We are strong supporters of all initiatives that advance the circular economy. Our prime interest is to keep the paper fibers within the cycle, but we can’t prevent paper from exiting the cycle. Using our paper enables businesses or consumers to really close their loop, and extend the number of lifecycles for office-paper.

Working with 100% recycled fibers lowers environmental impacts as well as usage of virgin materials significantly. Using this concept, 100% of used paper can be used to make new generations of Cradle to Cradle Certified Office paper. Since sustainability and Cradle to Cradle thinking are becoming more and more important for businesses, Steinbeis decided to certify this products with the Cradle to Cradle certification.