Desing with reuse in mind

Rendemint was founded with the desire to develop solutions for office, outdoor and home that were completely designed with the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy. Our company was founded after watching a documentary on Cradle to Cradle presented by Netherlands Public Television (NPO) called “Waste+Foord”. If it weren’t for Cradle to Cradle, our company would not have started. Without compromise, we walked through all stages of the manufacturing process, and we discussed the materials the production energy, glues, manufacturing and logistics involved. When it cam time to seek certification, there was no need to change a thing. And the Rendem series is Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold.

The materials used and the finishing layers are free from any harmful substances. No toxins are used, no formaldehyde, and the collection is more than carbon neutral (carbon positive). The Rendem series is produced without any fossil fuels. The production facility runs on 100% geothermal energy. A minimal amount of renewable resources are used, and a maximum of innovation guarantee we are making most sustainable furniture in the world.