Safer fabircs

At Mermet, we are dedicated to creating green fabrics made from environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. In 2010, our organization became aware of MBDC and the Cradle to Cradle design framework and certification program. Immediately, we knew we had to get on board and set an example for our industry. We also realized that the safe and healthy materials movement was gaining momentum and that architects, designers and other building professionals were putting more emphasis on sustainable building and design—and specifying more green products for their projects. Understanding the importance of this paramount shift and our social responsibilities as a company, we began rethinking the way we manufactured our fabrics and the materials we used. We knew we wanted to produce Cradle to Cradle Certified shade fabrics. Currently, we have three fabric lines all Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver level. These are Greenscreen Revive, Cortina and Siena. Each fabric line has its own unique pattern and colors.