Hair O’Right

Green hair care

We’ve always believed life is the most beautiful and powerful in a natural and pure state. With the brand’s vision of “It’s O’right,” O’right devotes itself to develop ‘green’ products, and to charity activities for environmental protection to ensure our future generations a good and sustainable life.

O’right puts green concepts into products: from materials, ingredients, designs, charity activities to experiences. We use natural and certified organic ingredients, free of artificial hormones, and which don’t pollute the aquatic environment. Our packaging material is also sustainable—our eco-cartons are made of 80% recycled paper, and we use FSC certified paper and soy ink for all printed matters. Soy ink is non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, and does not cause irritation or pollution. The use of refill packages helps to save 38,000 plastic bottles annually.

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